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    Spotify Samsung



    In August 2018, Spotify became Samsung’s go-to streaming music provider carrying out a strategic partnership between your two companies that at first focused on bringing Spotify to Samsung Clever TVs and a deeper reference to Samsung’s assistant technology, Bixby. Today, timed alongside the retail start of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, the companies are growing their partnership to create Spotify a pre-installed request on a variety of Samsung devices, like the latest Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, in addition to the Galaxy Fold and some of Samsung’s lower mid-range Galaxy A products. Furthermore, U.S. consumers buying the innovative Galaxy S10 will qualify for six months of free


    Spotify Prime access if they’re new customers, Spotify said. The two companies had not offered many more information regarding their partnership plans because the announcement this past year, saying only that a lot of discussions were taking place concerning what’s next. On the other hand, a proceed to pre-install Spotify on Samsung cell phones was likely in mind from day one - specifically after the 2016 inability of Samsung’s personal Milk Music streaming support, which meant it no longer had its direct answer to Apple Music. At the time of Milk Music’s closure, Samsung said it could shift to purchasing a partner version for integrating the “best” music services on to its Galaxy family of devices. Afterwards picking Spotify as the strategic spouse made sense, as it’s a clear frontrunner in the space and one that’s certainly not managed by a tech giant like Google’s YouTube Music/Google Take up Music,


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    Apple Music, or Amazon Music. The Spotify-Samsung partnership not merely ensures that Spotify now gets much deeper integration on products and services, like Bixby, it might potentially permit the two companies to interact on beneath the hood, cross-platform integrations, aswell. This could gain Spotify’s ambitious podcasting programs, as listeners could grab where they kept off because they switch between gadgets. That wouldn’t have necessarily been possible with out a device partnership such as this. Spotify says the extended Samsung partnership will see the music services pre-installed on “thousands” of Samsung devices globally, starting today, March 8, 2019. “We were very enthusiastic to be named Samsung’s go-to music streaming provider almost a year ago and today’s information will only ensure a far more seamless Spotify hearing experience across devices for listeners around the world,” stated Sten Garmark, VP of Buyer Goods, Spotify, in a declaration.


    “This partnership helps it be easy for Samsung mobile users to gain access to their favorite music and podcasts on Spotify, wherever they are and however they choose to listen.”

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